Into the Isobooth

For several years now, Grace has been taking music lessons from a local musician, Jason Moore. She’s learned a ton, for the first couple years focusing on drums, and for the past couple years vocals. Specially, this is rock ‘n roll. Now, in pre-COVID times, Jason has sponsored a “concert” at some local establishment where the students get to do a song with his band, and it’s been all sorts of fun. She’s done everything from Cherry Bomb by the Runaways, to this one — Hotel California by The Eagles. This one was different, though. We drove south of Portland to a DIY recording studio, and the students not only got to perform with the band, but had it professionally recorded, both sound and video.

She did great on her one take — they only get one — but had the opportunity to work with the sound engineer there to re-record it. Since right now Grace’s ambition is to become a voice actor, this was too good to pass up. So, last Saturday night we drove back and went through the process, which took over 2 hours, breaking down section by section of the vocals and redoing everything that either one of them wasn’t enthusiastic about. And yes, she got to do it in an isolation booth (now I know it’s short handed as “isobooth”).

Great experience, and it’s all in editing now. I can’t wait to see the final result!

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