Forced (Kind Of) Upgraded Tech

When Danica and I were in New Hampshire in February to look for a place to live, our agent, Lynn Powers, made it clear that we probably wouldn’t want AT&T as our mobile provider there. She had Verizon, so over the trip, while driving around the Upper Merrimack Valley, we did comparisons of signal strength. Sure enough, the difference was stark: AT&T hasn’t invested enough there. So we knew we’d be dropping some unplanned cash before the move.

Fast forward to last night. We got incredibly lucky with an amazing deal that Verizon has going until the end of, well, today (hence the purchase a bit earlier than planned or needed). Buy one get one for an iPhone — even the iPhone 12 Pros — with some huge trade in deals. So my wife and 2 of my daughters now have fancy new tech. (The 13 year old did not get a Pro — that would be silly.) I’m going to suffer with my older one though, as I’m on the company plan, which is AT&T. We’ll see how bad it really is when I get there.

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