One More Flight to New Hampshire

On Sunday (yes, on Independence Day), I’m flying to New Hampshire one more time before the actual move. A few weeks ago, we loaded up almost all our stuff in a shipping container and it started the journey east. It’s now in New Hampshire waiting to get unloaded, and we finally have a date from the movers and storers that they can do the job. It’s kind of sad, really — I’m spending tons of time and money to fly across the country to do a task that’ll take like an hour or so of time, but has to be done in person. As a society we’ve done a fantastic job (and sped up considerably due to the pandemic) of enabling people to do things remotely that once had to be done in person. This is almost as a rule a great thing and an enabler of freedom. Not everything, though.

Of course, that’s not the only thing I’ll be done when I’m there. It’s also a great opportunity to see family, spend time with my Mom (she’s flying out with me, but not back), and show her the 5 acres in Newbury that we’re building on and the school her grandchildren will be attending. McAfee has Monday off, and I’ll be taking advantage of it! The rest of the time will be work — so many things there to take care of before our 2 week trip across the United States in August!

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