(Almost) Flash Trip to New Hampshire

I’m writing this from my Aunt’s house in New Hampshire. I flew in to Boston late Sunday night and flying out from the same early Thursday morning. Only reason I’m here: meeting the truck with all our “stuff” that left our house a few weeks ago in Oregon, as well as meeting the people that will unload and store our stuff for a few months until our house is ready. That’s right — flying 7000 miles round trip to do something that (hopefully) will take about an hour. No remote avatars quite yet. Eyeball the goods to see if there’s damage, for example.

I’m working most of the time I’m here, but this is still a great opportunity to spend time with family. It’s so important, and I’m doing my best to soak it in. Also, I was finally was able to see my Uncle Tim’s house and be treated to an amazing dinner!

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