Straight Outta Portland

For those that don’t know, Straight Outta Portland (a riff on the N.W.A. album) is a great IPA by Migration Brewing from the Portland area. But it’s apt here, too. While we’ve been out of our home of 15 years for over 3 weeks now, today marks the first day we’re officially out of the Portland area, after spending a few weeks at an Airbnb in Beaverton, followed by a few days at our dear friends house in Gresham (thanks Tim and Shannon!). So this marks the end of about 27 years straight of living in the Portland area for me personally (a bit less for Danica, but close). Crazy — over half my life, and I’m done with that significant chapter. (Probably more like a volume.)

Yesterday afternoon, after attending a graduation party for another one of our friends (hi Heather!), we packed up the few things we unloaded from the RV and truck and headed to Cascade Locks, only about 25 miles east, at our first KOA (Kampgrounds of America!). Pretty neat place, if a bit old. It has a small pool, some activities for kids, and a playground with an actual metal slide. Like stepping back into my childhood — the kids can experience that shocking burn you get when you don’t feel the slide first.

We’re here until Wednesday, at which point we’ll shift to Trout Lake, Washington at the family cabin. It’s only our mid-week shift, and it’ll be a bit of a pain with work. We’ll manage. Photos from the last few days.

Tigli and Ratchet are always watching.

Dinner at the Cascade Locks Ale House. This particular establishment has been around for just over a decade, but the building (and likely, a good part of this bar!) has been around for over a century. I forgot to tell Danica about “The Crusher”. Orange Crush + vodka = CLASSY.

After sitting on the RV bed working for a few hours, needed to get some movement in, so went for a walk around Cascade Locks. Even after living in the area (White Salmon is about 20 miles away), I can’t say I really know this town at all.

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