A Week in the South Puget Sound

It’s Saturday, and we’re shifting to a new location after a week with family in Tacoma. Thanks Cori and Travis for putting up with us this last week! Both Danica and I worked each day – her in the house and me in the RV – but we had plenty of time in the evening to hang out, catch up, and generally have communal family time with Danica’s sister and brother-in-law. The girls probably spent too much time on devices, but we’re getting close to the point where we’ll be able to focus on them much more. One more week of work before our vacation!

It’s always an interesting experience being in this area. When I was just a year out of high school, a few friends and I moved up to Auburn, WA and went to Green River Community College together. I can’t say it was a very productive time in my life, as at that point I was a perfect example of a horrible student. Given the chance to procrastinate, I fully committed to that. That said, when I drive around here, lots of memories come back. Some of the restaurants they go to are right by the restaurants we went to in Federal Way. The mall, movie theater, parks, etc. all are familiar, but things have changed so much in the past 30 years it’s staggering.

Grace got her hair colored by the master — her Aunt Cori. Just the tips of her hair were bleached, as when she starts at Mount Royal Academy in only 5 weeks, she can’t have unnatural colors, so if she would have gone with blue or green, she would have had to re-color it or cut it off. It’s very subtle. I might post a photo of it later, but I don’t have one ready. Now, for some photos:

It’s a month or so early, but we gave Travis his birthday present: Heroes’ Feast, a Dungeons & Dragons themed cookbook. Of course that’s a thing.
LEGO chess set, being used as a prop for a campaign. Maybe I shouldn’t have chosen a pawn’s space to start…
I took this photo on one of my mid-day walks. This is where the neighborhood is bisected by a corridor of high tension power lines, and you can hear the crackle of the air being stripped of their electrons.
One evening I drank one of their beers, something called Hite. (They don’t drink beer, so it’s something that a friend had left there at some point in the past.) It’s a South Korean rice beer, modeled after Budweiser, and tastes almost exactly like you’d expect. Refreshing, but not interesting. I’d never heard of it before, so happy to get it added to Untappd.

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