Throwback to 1970’s Memories

When Danica and I were growing up in the 70’s, there was a co-op in Hood River called the Wy’East Co-op (anyone feel free to correct me — DuckDuckGo failed me today in this search, so now I’m second guessing myself on the name). It was a bit hippie, very inline with the zeitgeist of the era. Bulk foods, farm fresh milk in bottles, organic foods — all stuff that’s fairly standard today in many grocery stores — but there was a certain… smell. Not a bad scent, just something distinctive.

Yesterday we had to do a bit of shopping, and we went to a place in Sequim called Sunny Farms Country Store. We went inside, and bam, same smell and same feel. It’s basically an updated version of the co-op our parents took us to when they went food shopping. I wouldn’t even call this hippie, really, as shopping local, organic, and small is pretty mainstream these days.

No papaya for Jaci. 😦

And I’d be remiss not wishing my beautiful wife of almost 15 years a fantastic birthday. I will be, though, since it was yesterday. (I didn’t forget! I just didn’t post until the day after!) Here’s a photo that won’t get me in trouble. Taken from the Eiffel Tower on our honeymoon a few years ago.

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