Yellowstone, the Granddaddy of National Parks

Yesterday we spent the day at Yellowstone National Park, the first time the family has been lucky enough to visit the crown jewel of our national park system. Apparently it’s not the first time I’ve been there, as my Dad informed me via text yesterday that on his trip west in 1973, we stopped by the park. Clearly I don’t remember a thing, but I bet the entrance fee wasn’t $35 then.

When we booked all these KOAs for the trip to New Hampshire, it was a bit late for some of the choicest spots. This was probably the biggest negative for late booking — we’re staying about 90 minutes to the entrance to the park, and as anyone that’s either been to Yellowstone (or looked at a map) knows, the park itself is stupidly large, bigger than some states. From the north entrance to Old Faithful, it’s yet another 2 hours on a winding road going about 45 MPH. So, two things stand out from yesterday, and one is certainly tons of driving. Advice to anyone going — plan far enough ahead to stay as close to the park as possible!

Clearly the other thing that stands out is the park itself. Of course! We had the theme music for Soarin’ Over California on repeat for a bunch of drive in the park (yeah, I know, CA, but it works!). Majestic. Awe inspiring. Stunningly beautiful. All those things. We didn’t see everything, but we saw a lot, including Old Faithful’s eruption (along with a thousand other souls). Now for a few photos.

In front of a part Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace. Don’t get off the walk ways or you could die. Seriously.
Undine Falls.
A very cool petrified tree.
Old Faithful!

One response to “Yellowstone, the Granddaddy of National Parks

  1. Marsha Holliston

    Very cool! And, of course, your dad DID get off the walkway! I don’t remember if we saw Old Faithful. Good for you! Hugs

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