More of South Dakota

I’m pretty far behind the blogging, but ever since my heart issue, we’ve been racing to keep on track. We had to call an audible on a couple KOAs that weren’t on the menu, and change our path a bit, but we did indeed get back on schedule. That was a few very long days of driving. I’ll do my best to catch up the last days of our trip over the following week.

So there’s this necessary stop along I-90 in South Dakota:

Yes, Wall Drug.

I knew about Wall Drug, but I didn’t know about how they put small road signs along every highway in the state leading to it. It’s insane — you start seeing “World Famous Wall Drug Soon” over 100 miles from the actual exit. Since we had Tigli, and the store frowns upon dogs in their store, regardless of how cute they are, we couldn’t all go in at once. We probably barely scratched the surface of the storied tourist trap, but it was still interesting. The only thing they got me for was a Wall Drug camp coffee cup (those ubiquitous metal cups you see at camp sites).

🎶 I’m a Porcelain Cowboy 🎵
For those from White Salmon, THIS is apparently where The Logs got their Jackalope!
Even Tesla jockeys need tchotches!

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