Iowa: Corn as Far as the Eye Can See

Behold Iowa:

Yep, that’s it – our view for a good part of a day. I really appreciate their sense of order there, at least with their road system. I suspect having land flat as a Fireman’s Breakfast pancake helps in that regard. The trip through the Corn Corridor of America really had me ruminating on how much resources we spend as a people on corn syrup and ethanol. The later is especially ridiculous. But I digress.

Now a couple photos from Mitchell KOA Journey in South Dakota. Yeah, more SoDak, but this could be in Iowa (in fact, I’d forgotten briefly that it wasn’t). Lots of corn.

My first honest to God tornado shelter. Thankfully the sky was clear so no need to sit in a concrete box for an hour.
What IS that thing? Mysterious farming equipment (to me).
A stunning sunset in the corn basket of the USA.

Next we’ll be visiting Illinois, my first time in the state outside of Chicago. I have family roots there, which will be a bit of a topic.

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