In the Buckeye State for a Day

Up until getting ready for this post, I didn’t realize that “The Buckeye State” was a reference to the state tree of Ohio. The more you know. The obligatory proof of entry:

Well, thank you Ohio!

At this point we were getting very close to the end of the cross-country journey to New Hampshire — only a couple more stops to go. This was a beautiful campground. If anyone happens to need a place to camp while in Ohio, you got a great place.

This wins the KOA sign contest that other KOAs didn’t know they were in. Thompson/Grand River wins!

We got to the campground early enough to do some exploration. Beautiful. There was a big lake that was for fishing and just hanging out and appreciating the natural beauty, which we took advantage of. I have to say that on the trip East, I got real lucky with grabbing some stunning sunset photos.

The theming was also nice and well executed. Kind of a pioneer theme/old West thing going on (which is a bit incongruent, but still cool). The kids at this point had been pretty good, but we felt all the treats and downtime were making them soft, so we threw them in jail for a bit to toughen them up. New Hampshire is rough I hear. This’ll learn ’em.

Not fake. At all.

The next morning we had a bit of time before we had to leave — the next stop was at Niagara Falls, which was only a few hours away, so we took advantage. The other lake was meant for play, and all sorts of options: a floating slide, mini-kayaks, paddle boats, etc. Clare was an enthusiastic user of these options, and of course made a friend for the morning in the process.


After she cleaned up a bit, we were off. Almost there! Next up is Niagara Falls, my first time there!

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