Hiking Ragged Mountain

As I’ve mentioned before, its fantastic luck that our Airbnb we’re living in while waiting for our house to be complete is basically at the base of a ski area, Ragged Mountain. I’ve taken advantage of this, and get into the weeds a bit. This was Saturday

Do they weed whack these runs, or what?

I still have yet to hike to the summit, even though that’s on my list of things to do in October when the foliage is fully engaged with its autumnal glory. Look forward to that, please. I also found this bridge. It may be one of the more useless signs I’ve seen. I’m guessing that it’s been around for a long time, when there was an actual bridge here, and it was deemed unsafe for lawyers to approve.

You don’t say?

Last photo. You can see a little color in a band of the forest here, but it’s happening fast now.

Band of orange.

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