RV Life

Upon arrival in New Hampshire, we still had 2 1/2 months to go until the house was complete, so needed a place to live. The Lake Sunapee region is a very touristy area, peaking in the summer, but then also having an uptick during the winter with the skiers (and practitioners from other various winter sports, I suppose) coming up from the cities. Interestingly, I heard that the population of Newbury, ostensibly about two thousand people, drops by over half after the summertime is over. What does this all mean? That Airbnb’s in last August/early September are a bear to find if you don’t have a money tree. And to be clear, we don’t.

Where to stay? We figured we were already in the Minnie Winnie for weeks by that point, so let’s just extend that out. Go with the flow. Danica booked us for 3 weeks at the Crows Nest RV Campground.

You don’t want a close up of the vehicles — pasted with mid-western bugs.

Lily got some great outside time here. I worked outside most days, sitting out in the sun on a camp chair, which allowed her to indulge her need to mow the grass.

Happy pig.

I did a lot of walking around to keep as active as possible, but the options were a bit limited. The campground was pretty big, but you could still do the whole thing in about 15 or 20 minutes. It did have a pretty lake, though.

NH sunset.

I did find a challenging route across the highway to walk when I had the time, though. (As an aside, you do not want to walk NH highways. While they’re two lane deals, you have construction trucks going 55 MPH along these somewhat narrow roads, which is just asking for a quick path to the afterlife.) The route I took was steep, but pretty. I’d hit it in the mornings while the fog was still sitting in the valleys, and got some great photos.


Our stay was great, all things considered. “Considered” means that we were still in a smallish living space, up in each other’s business, coin operated laundry, challenges with the Wi-Fi, and using public showers. No complaints, though — the stay was great. We even had a tropical storm we endured while we were there, which was honestly kind of fun with the rain dumping on the RV. We watched a few movies in the camper, did some excursions to the area, and generally enjoyed the last gasps of summer before school started. Next up is the Airbnb at Ragged Mountain!

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