A Not Surprising Delay in the House

Danica and I received some unwelcome news Tuesday about the house — they are pushing out the expected complete date. It was originally scheduled to complete on 10/25, with the aspirational (but possible) move in date the weekend after that. This definitely has downstream effects on us: we have our current Airbnb in Danbury, NH until 10/31, and then they already have it rented out to a long standing regular. So, scramble time. We now have another couple weeks at an Airbnb in Sunapee, NH. Not cheap, but not really a choice either. On the bright side, it’s like 5 minutes from the school, so that’ll be a huge improvement over the 45 minute drive each way we have now.

I visited the house Tuesday to drop off some stuff I’d purchased for it (garage door opener, Ecobee thermostat, etc.), and there was progress! The floor was basically in, and they were working on the kitchen cabinets.

Looking so much more like a house, right? Lots of work to do, but the progress is great to see. Manpower and supply chain issues are one of the main reasons for the delay. They’re still waiting for some windows to come in (the ones leading out from the Great Room deck), and while they have all the siding, and have for the past week and a half, the crew to do it has been booked. The builder is also concerned that the Town of Newbury, like in the Spring, won’t be as quick as he’d like to get everything approved.

So we wait.

I’m trying to be stoic about this. At this point, there’s nothing else I can do, and I do believe the builder is doing everything they can in good faith to get things completed on time and in good quality. It’s a challenging year. This is key for me personally, since the knee jerk reaction is to be upset about it, to let it affect your mood, etc. “It is what it is” can be a powerful salve for your emotions in times like this.

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