Halloween Displays in New London

Yesterday we had to do some food shopping in New London, but we weren’t quite ready to head back to the Airbnb afterwards, and decided to do a bit of walking in downtown, checking out the displays that are part of the Halloween Town effort the business owners do. It was over 70 degrees, with has a decent chance of being the last time we can say that this year. The next week it gets considerably colder (the high today is only 59F), and the countdown to the first snow has begun in my head. Maybe a month? It was a pleasant, t-shirt walk.

Here’s the Tuckers display. (Hi Erica!) We had to explain to a couple visitors what this was. Really? That’s an impressive isolation of pop culture you got going on there, friends.

Kinda neat, and honestly, kinda creepy too. Clare was like, “Who is Mr. Rogers?” Now that pop culture blind side I get.

I had to zoom in a bit due to a busy street, but very cool display. I love the moss.

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