Back to Back Birthdays

11 years ago yesterday, I was the proud new father of my youngest daughter. She was also an early birthday present — the best one in my life. They were good birthdays for the both of us, but of course, a bit strange and off kilter, since we’re 3000 miles away from our PNW friends and still haven’t driven roots into the New Hampshire ground. Things are quiet tonight, with only the sound of the light, cold rain falling outside. In that spirit, I offer you a couple quick things, and I’ll call it good.

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are talented artists, and they have a burgeoning book company, Bread & Barley Books (go buy some books now!). Recently they created a very cool letter scheme with scary monsters, just in time for the haunting season. They sent these, which are too good not to share!

That perfect mix of scary and cute!

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