Old New Hampshire Houses

One thing I’ve noticed since moving to New Hampshire is that a lot of the very old houses have a placard by the door that says the year they were built. Late 1700’s and early 1800’s are common. It gives some perspective to someone coming from a state that was founded in 1889 (Washington) and 1859 (Oregon).

We considering buying one of these old farm houses for a while, but discarded it in favor of building new. I just suspected that I wouldn’t have the time to give the house the kind of effort that it required, and these old houses require a lot (unless you have the money to have someone on call all the time, like in Murphy Brown — remember that show?). We’re now staying in one of those houses in Sunapee. I don’t know how old it is, but at least 1800’s — it doesn’t have said placard. And I’ve discovered another reason why building new might have made more sense. I don’t know how prevalent this is in these ancient abodes, but jeez, head trauma!

Crack! Yeah, the only person that’s escaped rubbing their sore skull has been Clare. I’m sure you get somewhat used to it over time, but probably not 100%.

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