Hiking the Sunset Hill Trail in Newbury

Yesterday was a brisk, sunny day in New Hampshire, and we didn’t have anything on the schedule that was pressing. So, after running a couple quick errands, we drove to the trailhead of the Sunset Hill Trail in Newbury and did a bit of hiking. It was perfect weather — in the high 40’s and the ground was mostly dry. Depends on the species of tree, but these still had a bit of cover left. In a few weeks all the deciduous trees will be bare. Winter is coming.

As the article said, there were huge logs put in several stretches of the trail you had to navigate that were put in for erosion mitigation. Great opportunity for me to put on my Teaching Dad hat. Even though I was actually wearing my Grandpa’s Sox hat. After about an hour and change, we made it to the summit.

Lake Sunapee!

A great hike! Of course, us being us, there were some minor injuries — I ripped my hand up a bit on a fall (got tripped on a huge hiking stick), and a couple of the family band got some minor twisted ankles. Lesson: everyone in the family needs honest-to-God hiking boots now for New Hampshire, and I shouldn’t run alongside kids with hiking sticks!

And no, Tigli was NOT tired after this hike.

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