Problems in Rural America

This is a bit of a rant, but I’ll keep it short. Danica and I absolutely depend on good Internet connectivity for our work. When we originally were going to purchase this land and build a house in Newbury, NH, the first thing we did was ensure we had decent cell connectivity on the property, and then ensure that there was high speed Internet available. Luckily for us, all the houses next to us had just — the year prior — got fiber, so we were golden. I called TDS Telecom to ensure we were good, and they said, yep, no problems.

Fast forward to today. Tomorrow is our installation, so I can be certain of being good on Day One. I get a call from TDS Telecom, saying, oops, there was a mistake, and it looks like it won’t be available until January. So, we’re scrambling now. The only other solution is satellite (and no, Starlink isn’t available until mid-2022). Very expensive, high latency, with very high bandwidth overage fees — and oh, a required 2 year contract. So this afternoon I’m making the drive up there and see how our Verizon hotspot serves us. It’ll be an interesting holiday season!

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