Snow and Colds

It’s been a busy week and a half since moving in! Piles of cardboard are waiting for the drive to the transfer station — luckily only about 2 or so miles from our house — as we’ve gone through many, many boxes. Still so much more to do. Clare and Grace’s beds are put together, they have desks now, and we actually can watch movies on our TV. (Only optical disk forms, like Blu-Rays and DVD’s, though, since we won’t have WiFi until sometime in January at the earliest. So no asking about whatever is the Next Best Thing on Netflix, Disney+, etc.) Progress!

One of our fervent hopes is that we’d be in the house before the first snow fell. Well, we didn’t hit that, exactly, but we did get in a few days before the first snow that actually stuck fell. Close enough.

So progress, while winter sets in. Something else that’s dropped on us is a nasty cold, first Clare, then Grace, then me, and then Danica. Recovery is happening in that order too, and I’m encouraged (given how horrible I’ve felt the latter half of this week) that Grace is almost fully recovered.

This weekend is putting up the Christmas tree!

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