In the PNW

We’ve been in the Pacific Northwest for over a full day now, but this morning is the first morning where I’ve had a chance to have some peace and quiet. We’re in an Airbnb in a suburb of Portland, Oregon for a few nights, visiting friends and St. Anthony’s in Tigard, then tomorrow morning we head up the Columbia River Gorge to be with family.

The trip from New Hampshire was a long, long day. Up at 4AM and on the road by 5AM for a 9AM non-stop flight to Seattle. The process wasn’t without issues. There was several minutes where we weren’t sure that Alaska Airlines was going to take Tigli. We had originally booked her to fly in the passenger cabin with us, under the seat, but after we received the airline approved carrier, we decided she was just a tad too big for it, so decided to put her in cargo instead (pressurized, climate controlled, etc.). I’d forgotten to let Alaska Airlines know about that change though, and they were under no obligation to take her. But, at the last minute, they found room. Ugh.

After the long flight, we retrieved dog and baggage, and went to the car rental center (interestingly, I’ve never actually flown into SEATAC and left the airport before, so this was new to me — I’d always just transferred to other planes there). Then the next scare — they didn’t have a reservation at Hertz. But again, lucky — and/or through the grace of God — they hooked me up with a Hyundai. Whew.

We drove south, trying and failing to get Starbucks (no indoor option and a 20+ minute car line), succeeding getting Burgerville (after a 20 minute car line, but the family was in no mood to bail this particular time), and reaching Explorer Brewing at about 5PM. Had a few small samplers of beer and dinner, and again trekked south

For those keeping track, we’re now 15 hours awake.

Battling pouring rain on I-5 in the dark, we reached the Airbnb at 8PM exhausted, and in bed by 9PM. Long day, but ultimately successful, so this is the last time I’ll complain about it.


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