2022, But First, 2021

On New Years Eve, the family had a good conversation formed around resolutions about what we want from 2022. Grace showed wisdom, stating that many people make unreasonable expectations upon themselves, and/or don’t set goals to measure their progress, when they make resolutions. This is absolutely true. If you’re making resolutions — and not just at the top of the year, but any time in the year — it should be something that’s realistically attainable, you should have a plan to achieve it, and most importantly, a way to measure progress and what you will call “success”. “Getting in shape” or “eating better” is a wish, not a goal.

Sometime that can also help is public accountability, and that can come in a lot of forms. Just saying it out load to friends and family is a start, but asking a trusted partner in this to be your coach is very useful in many cases. I might do that myself soon, but today I want to look back and not forward.

Looking back on 2021, it was a year of huge changes for my family and I. What it looked like in highlights:

  • We sold our house in Oregon after living there for 15 years
  • We built a new, beautiful house with an amazing view in New Hampshire
  • We bought a Winnebago and spent 2 weeks driving across the country, seeing and doing amazing things
  • Grace and Clare started in a new school and began the process of making new friends
  • The family left our parish of 13 years and joined St. Patrick’s Catholic community
  • I joined the Healthy Rebellion and, through the help of that community, got back on track with my health

While change is the only constant in life, this was an exceptional year in that regard. Looking back, it was a great year with no regrets to the above. The move has been what we expected it to be — a positive experience, opening up the family to new experiences, communities, traditions, people, and opportunities. I feel strongly that getting too comfortable in patterns in a sure way to have your life fly by way faster that you deserve.

Thanks to all my family and friends for all the support you’ve given us in 2021!

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