2022 Begins

I know that many aren’t, but I’m a fan of resolutions, and the beginning of the new year presents an obvious opportunity (which is why so many people do it). What I’m trying to do is not make ones that are simply continuations of last years. Also, I wrote the following on my Micro Blog yesterday:

With any resolutions, 3 things. Is it realistically attainable? Do you have a plan? Do you have a way to measure progress and judge when you’ve reached your goal? If you can’t answer yes to all 3, it’s a wish, not a goal.

In the service of public accountability, here they are:

Institute a daily prayer practice. Yep, it’s attainable. While I didn’t specifically make this a goal last year, I did try over 2021 to pray more. The plan is to use the Hallow app to remind me. What I’ll start out with is a daily dedication prayer, a daily rosary, and scripture reading, but I may change that. The Hallow app tracks your streak so, well, I should be at => 365 on New Years Eve.

Not drink alcohol. Again, attainable. This is going to be challenging, to say the least, but last year I went almost 2 months without drinking. This isn’t be becoming a teetotaler, but needing to push harder to ensure I have a great chance of a healthy, active retirement. It’s not too early. The plan is to put all the alcohol I do have and pack it away nice and tight, and to ask for accountability to my friends and family. The measurement for success is obvious.

Find a new hobby. It should be attainable. It’s important for a myriad of reasons to learn new, challenging things. It keeps the brain flexible, slows the apparent passage of days, and just makes life more interesting. The plan is to do research and then try some things out over the year. The measurement for success is that, at the end of 2022, I want to make another resolution to actually start the journey to mastering whatever I choose.

That’s it! A few of the other things I’ll continue doing over the year is working on my health, blogging (hopefully more regularly, but we’ll see), improving my understanding of the computer security industry, continue learning Web3 and crypto, building new connections in New Hampshire, doing my best to maintain my connections back in the PNW, and keeping up with Grace’s Great Books and Theology book list.

Thanks everyone for any future support in these goals!

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