Getting Into Deep Winter

We returned home from the Pacific Northwest — again, delayed 6 days due to bad weather — only to find a nice layer of ice over everything. It’s about 3AM EST, it’s been a long day, and we pull up in the rental, and say, “Yeah, not going into that driveway with this sedan….”


It being New Hampshire, the roads were absolutely fine, so it was a bit of a surprise. Then the day before yesterday, we had a snowstorm, followed by some minor sleet and freezing rain today. It’s been kind of cold lately, getting down at night in the single digits. Definitely wear some warm boots and a wool hat weather. Next week, though, a first for me (at least that I can remember): it’s projected to be down to -8F for a night or two. Time to stress test the furnace!

I’ll drop this last photo that I took while exploring the neighboring lot with Clare and Tigli yesterday. Beautiful! Right at sunset with a 3/4 moon hanging above the cold sky.

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