Busy Week for Winter Sports Starting

As I wrote about yesterday, we’re truly in the heart of winter in New Hampshire now. Given this, things are really starting up in the realm of winter sports! Wednesday I’m chaperoning kids, including Clare, to the ski program at Mt. Sunapee where the kids get a half day off of school to go skiing, and the resort gives the kids a free lesson for the 5 days they get to do it. Then on Saturday, Clare will go down to Mt. Crotched for the start of her pre-race development program. Fun.

What I learned today is that finally it’s consistently cold enough for the next town over — Sunapee — to open up their outdoor ice rink, so both the girls can try out their new skates that their Grandma got them for Christmas. This will be a new experience for me, too, as the only time I’ve been skating are indoor rinks in the Pacific Northwest

Dress warm!

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