On this MLK Jr. Day, New England got rightly walloped by a storm coming from the south. We had a couple good storms up until now, but this one set the bar: over a foot of snow in only a single Monday morning. Since I had the day off, I had an appointment for the Explorer, and I also volunteered to drop Clare off at a friend’s for a day of sledding and hot chocolate. So off I go! Well, almost.

There’s a law in New Hampshire that you need to get the snow off the top of your ride before going anywhere. There was some tragedy that happened years ago with snow coming off one car and causing an accident to the car behind them. OK, done.

The roads were mostly plowed, but when it’s coming down at 2” an hour, they can only keep up so much. I wouldn’t say it was pushing the limit of the Explorer, but a couple more inches and it would have been sketchy. Dropped Clare off and drove to New London for service.

Original shop from the 40’s.

I went for a nice walk to a nearby deli to get deviled eggs and a coffee, and of course to take the opportunity take a bunch of photos. It was majestic.

No lifeguard on duty at Lake Sunapee today. Wimps.
Lonely beachside granite.
Where are the kids? Oh yeah, sledding.
Frozen river in Wilmot.
No plowing on the footbridge.

The snow stopped at about 1PM, and it’s now above freezing a bit, so the foot of snow is heavy. No fun to shovel. I’ve learned my lesson: next year either a snow blower or hire a plowing service. (Yes, yes, I know.)


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