Finally Got the ‘Rona

I haven’t blogged much lately. Why? Last Thursday night I started feeling not quite right as rain, and went to bed with a bit of that “Oh, this isn’t going to be fun” kind of vibe. That night, re: my Oura Ring:

Yeah, that’s not good. About a 103 temp overnight, and feeling like crap. Friday and Saturday were like that. Just hanging out in bed, not feeling well, drinking lots of water and eating vitamins C and D like they were candy. I called New London Hospital to get tested (not the silly rapid antigen tests that you can never find in the store anyway), but they weren’t taking anyone today. I guess due to the less-than-zero temps, the sample froze from the car to the bag making it worthless. So, Monday!

By Sunday I was feeling much better, though, and started getting out and about. Monday went back to work (the benefit and negative or working from home, but honestly, I was bored), and drove to New London to get that horrible thing stuck up my nostril. A day later it came back positive.

The rest of the week was basically feeling a bit off, with a bit of a cough, but honestly like 85% better. Today is the first day I can honestly say I’m 100% recovered. Bottom line on my experience — I’ve had flus way worse, and other than the first two days of fever and body aches, my non-COVID cold I had before Christmas was worse. All expected, given all the anecdotal testimonials I’ve heard from countless others online and personally.

The family is doing good, by the way. Clare never experienced symptom one, Grace had a bit of a cough for a day, and then was 100%, and Danica and on the mend, taking a bit longer than I to recover. I don’t even play a doctor on TV, but if there’s one absolutely clear takeaway that everyone should do, it’s get their vitamin D serum levels checked. If they aren’t in a very healthy range, start supplementing heavily, and once spring is here, get outside to get it naturally, if you’re not lucky enough to live in places where the sun never really loses it’s punch. There’s no better predictor of bad outcomes to COVID than this, and it’s something you can change with time and very little effort.

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