Ice Castles New Hampshire

Friday night Danica and I picked the girls up from school, and instead of going home, we went up to the North Country. To Woodstock, NH, to be exact. Danica had found this wintery thing to do a month or so ago, and bought tickets. Turns out there’s several of these Ice Castles in the northern US (but not in the Pacific Northwest — too warm!).

Speaking of warm, it was in the 40’s when we were there, and it definitely was a bit… drippy. We’ve had a bit of springlike weather in New Hampshire lately, but we realize it’s a tease. It’ll get cold again soon enough. The ice structures are thick, though, so no worries.

Far, and eventually the cold did get to us a bit, but well worth the 90 minute drive. There was the ice castle to explore, of course, but also a part of the woods decorated with colorful lights, a couple slides, and our first, a horse-drawn sled through the woods while the sun was setting. I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story. Watch for Live Photos, too!

They make some of the structures elsewhere with a mold and move them in.
New Hampshire in ice! Rather apropos.

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