Wi-Fi Soon?

Some of our friends and family know about our struggles with getting Internet up here at our new house. It’s been quite the struggle. Call it a “first world problem” if you want, but when you work from home, it’s a Big Deal. We’ve been living off our cell phones’ data plans for the past 3 months for work, and it’s not cheap. Not to mention some of the things that we really, I dunno, like, are unavailable to us. Disney+ and our smart home features, for example. When you’re soaking in fast bandwidth for so long, it’s jarring to be without it.

This afternoon, while I was taking Tigli for a walk, I noticed a utility truck down the road. I walked up and talked to them. They were extending the cable to ours and the empty lot next to us. Huzzah! Now, they said that TDS Telecom still needs to come up and run the fiber, but it’s happening. They said it’s on the books for “this winter”, so yeah, it could be as late as mid-March, but still; it’s way more information than I ever got from their support people, who just told me “we’ll call you when it’s ready!”

Soon, 1 GB down, 1 GB up. Smooth as butter.

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