Bread in a Can

That’s right, bread in a can. This is certainly available in Oregon, but it’s safe to say most people raised on the West Coast don’t have one of these beauties in their pantry. Yankee Magazine had a good write up on some of its history here. I wonder how popular this is with the newer generations of New Englanders. It is very sweet bread, made with a lot of molasses, and certainly falls under the “sometimes-comfort-food” category and not the “this-will-make-me-stronger” category. We popped out some of this stuff for the girls a couple weeks ago, and unsurprisingly, they found it delicious. We’ll keep a few cans in our pantry for just in case reasons, certainly. I’ve never had this with beans and hot dogs over it — that doesn’t sound… good. But to each their own.

The next New England food topic I’ll cover is fluffer nutters, which is definitely down the scale a bit on the healthy spectrum!

One response to “Bread in a Can

  1. Marsha Holliston

    Delicious! Standard boiled ham, beans and brown bread on Saturday nights. Never had it with hot dogs, tho. I’ll stick with the ham and beans.

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