Thought Exercise: Five Days to Replay

Thought of this scenario this morning, inspired, I’m sure, by Groundhog Day (if you get it, you get it). What are the five days that, if you could re-experience them, you would? You can’t change things, but you can just experience all the thoughts, feelings, sensations, wins, learnings, and emotions from that day? I’ll go:

  1. My wedding day.
  2. The day Grace was born.
  3. The day Clare was born.
  4. My high school graduation day.
  5. The first full day in Paris on my honeymoon.

Three things come to mind. First, these are probably fairly typical for many. But there’s a reason why they’re typical. They usually do represent highlights in people’s lives. Second, the common theme for these days isn’t necessarily successes with work, personal goals, or base sensations, but love and relationships. That bears reflecting. And third, that these are all opportunities for gratitude. I may not be able to really experience them again, but I did experience them, for 5 glorious days. And for that, I’m eternally thankful.

What are yours?

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