Camp Bernadette Open House

Clare will be attending her first overnight summer camp in less than a month and a half, right on Lake Winnipesaukee at Camp Bernadette, a Catholic summer camp associated with the diocese here in New Hampshire. When we drop her off and pick her up, we won’t be able to walk around at all – just paperwork, a quick kiss goodbye, and off she goes. So, clearly Danica and I wanted to see what all the hub-bub was about, and yesterday we took advantage of an open house they had. It also served to get Clare super pumped for the experience she’s going to have!

It’s a long drive up there, at least for New Hampshire terms. It’s on the far side of the lake, in Wolfeboro — about an hour and a half. (Luckily the Tesla avoids the stupid gas prices we have right now, even considering the high cost of electricity as compared to the PNW.) We left early, and got there just after 9AM, thinking that’s when the open house started. Nope, it was 10AM, so we grabbed brunch in town first. Great 4 egg omelette, by the way, at the Farmer’s Kitchen.

We spent about 90 minutes on a tour by the dining hall manager, and then exploring for ourselves. The place is pretty amazing, with the obvious highlight of being right on the lake. Some stuff was still in flux — the dining hall was getting some renovations, some cleaning still had to be done, the rope course wasn’t set up — but we got a great feel for what it’s going to be like for Clare for 2 weeks. She’ll also be there for the 4th of July (first time not with us for Independence Day), but she’ll get her fireworks display regardless. It’s an all-girl camp, with a brother all-boys camp about a 20 minute drive away. I guess they also have inter-camp functions, as well, including, what’s sure to be, a somewhat awkward dance. 🙂

Lake town in (what feels like) summer – it was 80F at this point!
The dining hall is right on the lake
The altar in the chapel, which can fit the entire camp
Bunks in the cabins – no AC here! I love all the names the campers have written over the years
Currently under renovation, but I can imagine what the dining hall will be like!
Clare is probably most excited about the climbing wall
I think this is where the rope course is going to be once they set it up for the summer? Or not?
All the things
Just a stunning day

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