Camping in Maine to Kick the Season Off

Memorial Day Weekend was a milestone of sorts for the Holliston Family. As readers know, we spent a lot of time living in the Winnebago Minnie Winnie over last summer. It served us well, transporting us and our essentials from all over the Pacific Northwest to visit family and friends, across the country on an epic two week adventure, and then over six weeks in an RV park in New Hampshire while the prices for Airbnb’s dropped down to something not ridiculous. Since then it’s sat. And sat. Now it was time get on the road again, but this time knowing we had a house to go back to. Home owner campers, not hobos.

On the road again… 🎵

I’ve spent a bit of time in Maine growing up. My Mom was born there. A lot of my family is buried there. The Richard Family sisters met many of their future husbands there. But for Danica, Grace, and Clare, this was their first time in Maine. Check off another of the 50 states! The KOA we went to is in Lebanon, ME, which is right on the border with NH. In fact, it’s on Salmon Falls River, which is the dividing line. I would have had to get wet, but I could see NH from the camp. It counts, though!

Sunday morning peace. I’m sure lots of hangovers were being battled.

This was a great KOA. There was two pools, waterslide, splash pad, arcade (which I failed as a Dad and didn’t get them quarters for), ball field, fishing pond, minigolf course, and a bounce pad. Quite the list of activities. We hit most them, an in a couple cases, more than once.

Where’s the required mat, Grace!?

We learned from this experience, too. Danica and I were pretty good car campers, getting the list down to a science. This time, both because it was new to us, and because we were so busy leading up to the trip, we definitely didn’t pack as well as we should. The first night we didn’t have enough blankets, so Grace and I didn’t get great sleep. We went to Kohl’s the next day and bought some: problem solved, and now we know. There was also some creature comforts that we definitely have to build out to make hanging out outside the RV a little more fun. Apparently we also need speakers — I’ve never heard so much music being played at a campground in my life.

New Englanders, man.

Overall, a great trip. The kids had a great time, none of us got a serious sunburn (much of the trip it was in the high 70’s/low 80’s — very unlike Oregon Memorial Day Weekends), and not too many mosquito bites due to a liberal use of spray. Next trip is in 2 weeks to Strafford County for a KOA there, kind of near Lake Winnipesaukee. We’re bringing the Tesla to that one for a day trip to Fun Spot (if you’re not familiar, check out the link!) and Kellerhaus (fond memories of that place growing up!).

Gem mining contraption!
Decorating cookies. Not works of art, but hey, sugar.
Yes, it’s Memorial Day Weekend. Thank you to all those that made the ultimate sacrifice for us to be able to grill burgers and drink beer in peace!
First game was in a thunderstorm, second game was in the sun. Both fun.
Original photo. Very cool fire coloring chemicals. Pretty.

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