New England Pizza

New Englanders take their pizza seriously. I’m in Claremont (about a half hour away from our house) for Grace to do some volunteering at the Sullivan County Humane Society, and finishing up some work at Ramunto’s, a nearby pizza place that has wifi and isn’t so busy as to make me feel guilty. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but she’s, in her words, a “therapy human”, spending time with the cats awaiting adoption. A professional cat petter. Hard job!

Back to pizza places here. There’s some great pizza, to be sure. Every store has several different pizza dough balls you can take home to make your own. They tend towards NY style, unsurprisingly, but they do get weird sometimes, too. But one thing I’ve noticed is almost all pizza places here don’t just serve pie! No no! They almost all have subs, salads, pasta, burgers, apps… you get the picture. It’s really American restaurants that specialize in pizza. Interesting.

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