Another School Year Done

Today’s a wrap on the girls’ first year at Mount Royal Academy. They were supposed to have Field Day tomorrow, but the forecast is for about an inch of rain to fall (sad, since the weather has been generally not rainy lately — just bad timing). Clare is moving on to 6th grade, so we don’t have any more elementary schoolers in the family any longer. Grace is going to 10th grade, which is just crazy to me. They had a great year, acclimated well to the new environs, made new friends, and got good grades, so I can’t complain.

Now the summer! The challenge will be keeping their screen time at a reasonable level. For Grace this won’t be a problem, likely — she’s starting in a week and a half as an intern at the New London Barn Playhouse, so she’ll be busy all year. Clare, though, might be a challenge. Since Danica and I both work, if she doesn’t have something dedicated to do during the day… well, you get the picture. She’s at Camp Bernadette for 2 weeks, and we have two week long vacations planned (the PNW and Disney World), but outside of that, it leaves 7 weeks to fill. Challenging! I’m seeing a lot of parent taxi trips to friend’s houses and trips to the library. Makes me want to be a teacher so I can have summers off.

Not really. They’d eat me alive. 🙂

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