A Quick Update

I haven’t been great about keeping this up to date lately (I think 1/5 of all blog posts are pretty much along this line). Things have been crazy lately with personal life and with work, but all good things.

I’m making a huge transition in my career, and that’s taking a lot of time up. I’ve worked 25 years, all in the software development side of things. I’m making a move to IT Operations, specifically SRE (Service Reliability Engineering). I’ll be a manager, and frankly, management is mostly the same regardless of industry or area to a great extent. Hiring, people management, collaboration — the skills are broadly applicable. Still, the technical and paperwork side of things is pretty darn different. Honestly, I’m excited. I haven’t had to learn something new on this level for a long time. Probably since I became a manager for the first time (or really the second time — my time at WebTrends wasn’t a great experience).

So, for this week I’m really doing two jobs, which is pretty time consuming.

I’ll leave you with this photo, just for the heck of it.

Mama turkey and baby turkeys!

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