Fireworks on Independence Day!

New Hampshire is kind of strange with “what day are the 4th of July fireworks?” Question. You wouldn’t think so, but if I wanted to drive a bit, I could have seen displays Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and of course last night, the actual 4th. And next weekend at Newbury’s Old Home Day. I guess they take their liberty seriously in the Live Free or Die state!

Danica, Grace, and I went to the nearby town of Andover to see the show. Small town, reminding me a bit of White Salmon (other than the expensive 175 year old prep school in it). We went to the field with chairs and a blanket, got some popcorn, and watched it with another few hundred people. It was great. I’ve been to huge events, and this wasn’t it — it was very Americana. Kids running around in packs, parents completely unconcerned, on a slightly cool Monday evening.


2 responses to “Fireworks on Independence Day!

  1. Fantastic! I had forgotten about the prep school there. So happy you’re all enjoying New Hampshire. Someday!

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