Welcome to the Weekend

I haven’t done any long form posts for a while and won’t guarantee any cadence, but just wanted to check in this fine Saturday morning in New Hampshire. The summer’s over (not officially, mind, but kids are back to school, the weather is cooler, and PSLs are back at the coffee shops) and it was a pretty good one. I don’t think we, as the Holliston Family, got all the things done we wanted to do, but no complaints — we went camping, went to Disney World, the kids had a great summer with camps and theater, and generally enjoyed the warm temperatures.

The fall brings us to the final thing we need to do for the house — get some landscaping done. It’s hard in this area to get landscaping and the folks we selected weren’t able to get to it until September, but they promise. When it’s done, I’ll post before/after photos up here. Right now we have a yard of mowed weeds, essentially, and we’re also having them expand the patio so we can use the sweet fire pit I bought a while ago (there’s just not enough room to use it under the deck right now). I see s’mores in our future!

The girls have started out strong in 6th and 10th grade with new uniforms and more challenging subjects, and Clare is now a soccer player. I’m learning the rules slowly. Soccer just wasn’t a thing when I was growing up (yeah, old), and most of what I know comes from Ted Lasso. I know it’s called a “pitch” and not a “field”, and I had to get schooled on Facebook after getting confused about “offsides”. I’ll get there!

Have a fantastic weekend yourself. And if you read this later, use that encouragement for next weekend. It still works. Promise.

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