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First Storm in Weeks


Spring Skiing in January!

In New Hampshire, schools get out early for skiing for some days in the winter. I was surprised when I learned about this, but my Mom told me that in her day they had the same thing. They take skiing seriously in New Hampshire!

I signed up to chaperone for the school lessons, but the organizer said I wasn’t needed – they had plenty of parents signed up. So, for about 3 hours, I skied with Clare, her best friend at school, and her Dad. The conditions were… meh. We have a huge snow drought problem here in New England this year. Thin covering and slushy — oh, and about 40 degrees. Seriously, it was like skiing on Mt. Hood in April. No bueno. We still had lots of fun and I got some good technical practice in.

Clare and Haley
Still a beautiful view!


In Nashua, NH for some shopping on MLK Jr. Day and decided to dive back into the past a bit.

Friday Sunset

Thanksgiving Eve

Ski season begins!

First Snow!

Several days late, but we did get our first snow of the season, about on time — mid-November. Snow making is in full gear on the mountains, so only a few weeks and Clare and I will be slope side!

You Sank My…

Pirates of the Caribbean version from Disney World. Got my behind handed to me by Grace.

From Lake Sunapee at Sunset

Leaves Turning on the Sugar River

Go Away Fat Turkeys!

And getting fatter eating our grass seed.