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Last Full Day at Ragged Mountain

Today’s the last full day at the Airbnb’s that treated us well over the past couple months. Ideally we’d be moving into our new house today, but circumstances have sabotaged those plans, and tomorrow we go to a new Airbnb in Sunapee. Today I’ll post a few photos from the area. Today it’s pouring rain, so getting any new beautiful photos here won’t be forthcoming.

The fall foliage is just about given up the ghost.
Cheerful oddity in an abandoned golf course.

Old Sunapee

On Sunday the 31st, we move out of our current Airbnb and into a new one for 10 days (yes, the house isn’t quite done, but getting close — electricity was being hooked up today!). We have the address, so before picking up the girls from theater practice, I checked it out.

Classic New Hampshire house.

It’s within walking distance of St. Joachim, a 3 minute drive from the school, and a block away from Wildwood Smokehouse, which is going to take a lot of money from us in the upcoming years. I don’t know what the inside looks like, but it’ll totally do. I had some time, so I did a bit of driving around the area, as I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while. Wow, beautiful day for some photos.

Stunning day.

Back to Back Birthdays

11 years ago yesterday, I was the proud new father of my youngest daughter. She was also an early birthday present — the best one in my life. They were good birthdays for the both of us, but of course, a bit strange and off kilter, since we’re 3000 miles away from our PNW friends and still haven’t driven roots into the New Hampshire ground. Things are quiet tonight, with only the sound of the light, cold rain falling outside. In that spirit, I offer you a couple quick things, and I’ll call it good.

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are talented artists, and they have a burgeoning book company, Bread & Barley Books (go buy some books now!). Recently they created a very cool letter scheme with scary monsters, just in time for the haunting season. They sent these, which are too good not to share!

That perfect mix of scary and cute!

Like Sand Under Glass

The house is progressing, and should be done in about two to three weeks. One thing that’s different with this home building as compared to the process we went through back in 2007 is the foreman uploads photos of the house to a site as things progress. I mean, we still go and take photos, but it’s a great bonus feature of living in 2021.

Monday they uploaded a bunch of new ones, and we were happy to see that the granite countertop in the kitchen had come in. When we were selecting all the cabinetry, flooring, etc., the issue of countertops came in, and we had a choice of granite or manufactured stone. Dude, we’re in the Granite State. Not a question. I think our choice worked out wicked great. Seriously, it looks like sand under glass. I can’t wait to see it in person.

Halloween Displays in New London

Yesterday we had to do some food shopping in New London, but we weren’t quite ready to head back to the Airbnb afterwards, and decided to do a bit of walking in downtown, checking out the displays that are part of the Halloween Town effort the business owners do. It was over 70 degrees, with has a decent chance of being the last time we can say that this year. The next week it gets considerably colder (the high today is only 59F), and the countdown to the first snow has begun in my head. Maybe a month? It was a pleasant, t-shirt walk.

Here’s the Tuckers display. (Hi Erica!) We had to explain to a couple visitors what this was. Really? That’s an impressive isolation of pop culture you got going on there, friends.

Kinda neat, and honestly, kinda creepy too. Clare was like, “Who is Mr. Rogers?” Now that pop culture blind side I get.

I had to zoom in a bit due to a busy street, but very cool display. I love the moss.

No Recycling Here?

One thing that’s struck me about New Hampshire is it’s apparent lack of any recycling. There may be towns that do, but everywhere I’ve gone, nope. Here’s a photo I snapped (is that still a thing?) from the Target in Concord that we went to this morning:

Choices, choices…

It’s such a change from Oregon, and probably any place on the West Coast. Danica and I got into a good conversation in the car about this. It’s hard to find trustworthy information about recycling, but my feeling is that in some cases (plastics), it’s pretty damn worthless, and just ends up in landfills anyway, and probably overseas. In other cases (metals and glass), it probably does still make sense. But this begs the question: if it’s profitable, why don’t they do it everywhere? Does it require taxpayer subsidies to pencil out? I’m not a big fan of recycling as a moral imperative. The cost-benefit analysis needs to be done, both from a financial perspective and an environmental perspective, and then decisions based on that, and not just because it’s prima facie a good thing.

Autumn Cavy

Lily getting some outdoor time! not sure how many more days she can do this before it’s too cold.

A Not Surprising Delay in the House

Danica and I received some unwelcome news Tuesday about the house — they are pushing out the expected complete date. It was originally scheduled to complete on 10/25, with the aspirational (but possible) move in date the weekend after that. This definitely has downstream effects on us: we have our current Airbnb in Danbury, NH until 10/31, and then they already have it rented out to a long standing regular. So, scramble time. We now have another couple weeks at an Airbnb in Sunapee, NH. Not cheap, but not really a choice either. On the bright side, it’s like 5 minutes from the school, so that’ll be a huge improvement over the 45 minute drive each way we have now.

I visited the house Tuesday to drop off some stuff I’d purchased for it (garage door opener, Ecobee thermostat, etc.), and there was progress! The floor was basically in, and they were working on the kitchen cabinets.

Looking so much more like a house, right? Lots of work to do, but the progress is great to see. Manpower and supply chain issues are one of the main reasons for the delay. They’re still waiting for some windows to come in (the ones leading out from the Great Room deck), and while they have all the siding, and have for the past week and a half, the crew to do it has been booked. The builder is also concerned that the Town of Newbury, like in the Spring, won’t be as quick as he’d like to get everything approved.

So we wait.

I’m trying to be stoic about this. At this point, there’s nothing else I can do, and I do believe the builder is doing everything they can in good faith to get things completed on time and in good quality. It’s a challenging year. This is key for me personally, since the knee jerk reaction is to be upset about it, to let it affect your mood, etc. “It is what it is” can be a powerful salve for your emotions in times like this.

Getting to Know the State

Now I feel more like a local. All I need is a Yankee Magazine and I’ll be set.

Autumn Scenes

Just a quick photo post from a Sunday afternoon walk around Ragged Mountain. Praying for snow.

Wide angle, so the buildings are leaning. Neat.
Only another month or two of stillness for these babies.