Beautiful Day for a Ruck

Found On The Road

Hey little guy.


Even though I didn’t grow up in New England, I did spend a lot of summer time here. I have fond memories of grabbing a Hoodsie from my Grandparent’s freezer. So good!

A quick read for the uninitiated.

Fireworks on Independence Day!

New Hampshire is kind of strange with “what day are the 4th of July fireworks?” Question. You wouldn’t think so, but if I wanted to drive a bit, I could have seen displays Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and of course last night, the actual 4th. And next weekend at Newbury’s Old Home Day. I guess they take their liberty seriously in the Live Free or Die state!

Danica, Grace, and I went to the nearby town of Andover to see the show. Small town, reminding me a bit of White Salmon (other than the expensive 175 year old prep school in it). We went to the field with chairs and a blanket, got some popcorn, and watched it with another few hundred people. It was great. I’ve been to huge events, and this wasn’t it — it was very Americana. Kids running around in packs, parents completely unconcerned, on a slightly cool Monday evening.


Red Mailbox

A Quick Update

I haven’t been great about keeping this up to date lately (I think 1/5 of all blog posts are pretty much along this line). Things have been crazy lately with personal life and with work, but all good things.

I’m making a huge transition in my career, and that’s taking a lot of time up. I’ve worked 25 years, all in the software development side of things. I’m making a move to IT Operations, specifically SRE (Service Reliability Engineering). I’ll be a manager, and frankly, management is mostly the same regardless of industry or area to a great extent. Hiring, people management, collaboration — the skills are broadly applicable. Still, the technical and paperwork side of things is pretty darn different. Honestly, I’m excited. I haven’t had to learn something new on this level for a long time. Probably since I became a manager for the first time (or really the second time — my time at WebTrends wasn’t a great experience).

So, for this week I’m really doing two jobs, which is pretty time consuming.

I’ll leave you with this photo, just for the heck of it.

Mama turkey and baby turkeys!

Mom Is Out Of Town

So what does Dad make? Burgers on the grill, of course. Could do worse!

Weird perspective issue. Huh.

Another School Year Done

Today’s a wrap on the girls’ first year at Mount Royal Academy. They were supposed to have Field Day tomorrow, but the forecast is for about an inch of rain to fall (sad, since the weather has been generally not rainy lately — just bad timing). Clare is moving on to 6th grade, so we don’t have any more elementary schoolers in the family any longer. Grace is going to 10th grade, which is just crazy to me. They had a great year, acclimated well to the new environs, made new friends, and got good grades, so I can’t complain.

Now the summer! The challenge will be keeping their screen time at a reasonable level. For Grace this won’t be a problem, likely — she’s starting in a week and a half as an intern at the New London Barn Playhouse, so she’ll be busy all year. Clare, though, might be a challenge. Since Danica and I both work, if she doesn’t have something dedicated to do during the day… well, you get the picture. She’s at Camp Bernadette for 2 weeks, and we have two week long vacations planned (the PNW and Disney World), but outside of that, it leaves 7 weeks to fill. Challenging! I’m seeing a lot of parent taxi trips to friend’s houses and trips to the library. Makes me want to be a teacher so I can have summers off.

Not really. They’d eat me alive. 🙂


Quick post since I’m a bit tired tonight, but it’s been a few days. I opened a support case with GoPro a couple days ago, and the website had an error. Best. 404. Ever.

New England Pizza

New Englanders take their pizza seriously. I’m in Claremont (about a half hour away from our house) for Grace to do some volunteering at the Sullivan County Humane Society, and finishing up some work at Ramunto’s, a nearby pizza place that has wifi and isn’t so busy as to make me feel guilty. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but she’s, in her words, a “therapy human”, spending time with the cats awaiting adoption. A professional cat petter. Hard job!

Back to pizza places here. There’s some great pizza, to be sure. Every store has several different pizza dough balls you can take home to make your own. They tend towards NY style, unsurprisingly, but they do get weird sometimes, too. But one thing I’ve noticed is almost all pizza places here don’t just serve pie! No no! They almost all have subs, salads, pasta, burgers, apps… you get the picture. It’s really American restaurants that specialize in pizza. Interesting.