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Booze is Good For You

From Instapundit today:

MODERATE ALCOHOL INTAKE reduces Alzheimer’s demential risk. On the other hand, high alcohol intake makes it hard to tell the difference anyway…

First coffee, now alcohol. I guess that makes me a health food nut! Hold the wheat grass tonic, please…

Coffee: The Wonder Drug, Now Treating Alzheimer’s

Now researchers find that drinking 5 cups of coffee a day can actually reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. Wow. This is fantastic news, and now it’s up to people to use the new knowledge.

First, unless you have some minority, pre-existing issue, everyone should drink some coffee and drink a glass or two of red (or the occasional beer, whiskey, etc. when you get bored with wine) every day. No exceptions. Given the state of the research, this is really a no brainer.

Second, if you have a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, are they drinking coffee regularly? If not, try to get them to start. Buy them some good ground coffee and go over and make it for them. Maybe they only remember some nasty 1950’s version, they gave it up, and never looked back. It’s never too late to press them to start new things, especially if it saves their brain.