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The DEA’s War On Doctors

The New York Times Blogs have an interesting post this morning concerning a report on how America — the medical industry and the government — deal with chronic pain. To sum up: not well at all. I was amazed to see that 70 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. That’s much more than I was expecting. For those that need a definition, usually pain is considered chronic after a patient suffers for about 3 months, but it varies quite a bit depending on what’s causing it. I’m definitely a sufferer, and can attest to how pain gets to the point where you would do anything to make it go away. It sucks almost all enjoyment out of life, and can cause a cascading problem in your life, going from pain, to depression, to inactivity, which causes more pain, etc.

There’s something deeply, deeply wrong in this country that the authorities are more concerned with making sure people don’t enjoy a drug or become addicted rather than relieving people of never ending pain. I think it comes from our puritan past: enjoying, well, anything is suspicious, if not downright bad. And on the flip side, pain is something to be dealt with stoicly, offered to God, and bourne silently. Do seek out a chemical treatment for that pain? Well, you are either weak, trying to get high, or more likely both.

Yeah, This Is One Thing I Wouldn’t Do

Don’t ask me how I located this page: on the interwebs, anything can happen. Did you know there was something called the Schmidt Pain Index? It was created by a researcher that poked and prodded stinging/biting insects until they caused him pain. I guess you can’t say his job is boring. And no, he says he’s not a masochist: just dedicated to his field. Right. Now, I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but dude.

Now, do NOT click this link to the article if you have, oh, I don’t know, some psychological thing about ants (wife!). There’s a close up of a bullet ant, right out of my own uncomfortable dreams. (My nightmares usually consist of losing things or regrets, not external threats. Yeah. Weird, I know.) Now, if you clicked through, and think you’re all that and a ball of mozzarella, go ahead and go to this page: The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World. You know what’s great about Oregon? Yeah, none of these guys.