Next Week: Macworld Expo

Next week the largest non-Apple sponsored Mac conference gets underway and runs through the week. A couple things of note before it even begins: Steve Jobs isn’t giving a keynote (bummer) and Apple isn’t planning a presence at any Macworld Expo after this one (bummer again). Still, it’s almost certain that Apple will be releasing some new goodies for the faithful next week. This is what I’m hoping for:

  1. A nice upgrade for the iMac, and more that just a processor speed bump. I’m planning on buying (my current iMac is dying slowly due to video problems), and I want this purchase to last through the tough economic times we’re entering.
  2. Some sort of a media storage server, allowing me to hook my Drobo up to it and stream content directly to my Apple TV. Right now I need to run iTunes on my iMac to stream from my Drobo, which hangs off of my Airport. It’s clunky as all get out. This needs to be affordable, but I bet it won’t be.
  3. Something — anything — that is not expected and is cool. I love surprises, especially techie ones.

Amazon’s End User blog does a good job of breaking down other predictions. Now, the wait. *tap* *tap* *tap*

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