Interview with Burt Rutan at the New Scientist

Burt Rutan is a genius, and happens to be one of my Dad’s heroes (he’s built, worked on, and flown planes from his designs for a couple decades). I’ve posted about him before. He’s the guy behind lots of the most inventive aircraft ever built — that actually worked, that is. The Veri-EZ and Long-EZ, one of the most used home-built designs ever, are his. So is the Voyager, the plan that flew around the world on one tank of gas. Finally, he won the X-Prize, and his company, Scaled Composites, is the main designer behind Virgin Galactic. Cool stuff. A legend.

He’s also an outspoken and passionate voice against the “climate change” crowd. I read this recent interview published by the British magazine the New Scientist with him, and had to share it. It’s a quick article, but gives a nice insight into the guy. I thought it was interesting that he flat out won’t do interviews with Scientific American, due to their reporting of global warming / climate change. He’s definitely a man of strong opinions!

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