Cabin Time

For the last few days we’ve been at the family cabin in Trout Lake (thanks Priscilla and Mike!), a small town just south of Mt. Adams in Washington State. We come up here for at least a long weekend every summer, and even after the move to New Hampshire, I hope to be able to do this regularly. This is the cabin that my Granddad bought from the original owner, built in the 1930’s. It’s right on the White Salmon River (even though at this point on the maps it’s called what the locals call it — the Trout Lake Creek). You’d never be able to build something so close to the waterway these days, but it’s grandfathered in. It’s pretty fantastic, and I have tons of memories coming up here when I was young, playing around the area while the family talked about boring adult topics, and inner tubing down the creek. And maybe peeling off a few leeches when I was unlucky.

This weekend also happened to have family reunions for both sides of Danica’s family. One was up the road a bit at an RV park, and the other was literally right across the creek. We had some good family time at both and ate too much great food, as it a feature at family reunions everywhere.

Today we’re making the long drive to Tacoma to stay with Danica’s sister, Cori, and her husband, for a week. We’ll be working the whole week from there, but it’ll still be great to have the evenings for catching up.

This is the view the poor kids that go to the Trout Lake School have to deal with at recess. Tough life, I’m sure.
There’s a family of deer that pretty much own the area, and criss cross the creek every day. No fear. I’ve seen 2 does and 2 fawns.
A perfect Sunday morning on the Trout Lake Creek.

One response to “Cabin Time

  1. Darwin Kurth

    Nice Jason, glad I was able to spend time there, can’t remember when and who was there but a most excellent chillin’ spot. I’m so very happy and excited for you as you make your big move East. Safe travels my friend.

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