The Dungeness Spit

Yesterday Danica and I bailed from work around 3:30 PM to see the sights a little bit before we had to depart the Olympic Peninsula very early tomorrow morning. The priority up here has been finishing our last week of work up before our vacation and family time, but the girls definitely needed to get outside a bit more than they have. So, we drive to the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, and specifically, walked a bit down the Dungeness Spit.

Neat area — something I didn’t know existed until this week. It’s one of the longest spits in the world and is still growing every year. It’s not a place you’d really hang out or anything, with a thin slice of sand, beach rocks, and tons of driftwood, but is pretty, and I love the wind, which is probably fairly constant.

The spit from the viewing deck before you go down the pathway to the beach. Pretty.
There’s all these driftwood structures that people with too much time on their hands make along the way. Actually pretty cool, and I wish I could do it. 😂
Steep beach equals waves not so fun to play in.

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