Not Foreseen: Haircut Issues

I was spoiled in the Portland area with haircuts. Since the early 2000’s, I went to HairM, which I could always count on having a great haircut along with a beer, and in between haircuts, have a neck trim. Spoiled. But then we moved not only to New Hampshire, but a fairly rural area of New Hampshire, and during a period of service issues.

I thought I’d a local place to go. She was alright with cutting my hair, and that was OK. It was cheap, I’ll give her that. A few haircuts were fine, but then it got harder and harder to get a hold of her. Then about a month ago I showed up 10 minutes late for my appointment (misread the calendar, but first time being late with her) and the shop was closed up. I have no idea if it was closed before that or she just didn’t wait for me. OK, called and left messages, nothing. Welp, OK. I guess that’s not an option anymore.

I did find a place I’ll check out at some point in Newport — Git ‘r Cut. I have to go just because of the name, but I haven’t had time. So, after I was way overdue, I took matters into my own hands, since I have some clippers. Whatdayathink? Too short?

I tipped myself well.

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