My Dream: Eliminate a Law For Each One Passed

That would be an idea pushed by my dream candidate: every law that’s passed, one needs to be removed from the books completely. Every program passed, one needs to be discontinued. You get the point. Too many stupid laws get passed because legislators and executives feel the need to “do something” and “look busy” for the voters. And sadly, many voters eat this stuff up. Good example: there’s already laws on the books (at least in Oregon) pertaining to distracted driving, careless driving, and reckless driving. So along comes a new Crisis of the Day for pundits to flip out about: talking on your mobile while driving. The police could enforce the laws already on the books in egregious circumstances, or the lawmakers could modify the existing ones, if they don’t give enough leeway. Instead a new law is passed, giving the pols a chance to crow in front of the press how they’re earning their salary keeping the children safe. Grandstanding.

So Reason Magazine comes out with a post today about Sam Brownback out of Kansas:

Kansas GOP gubernatorial candidate Sam Brownback is proposing an “Office of the Repealer,” tasked with seeking out bad or repetitive laws, wasteful programs, and archaic state agencies for elimination.

Excellent! How much of this is more smoke and mirrors? I have no clue, as I don’t follow Kansas politics at all, and I don’t know the guy. The idea, though, is fantastic. I’d love to see another pol one up Mr. Brownback with my idea above, though.

(Thanks to Instapundit for the heads up.)

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