Costco Run

Yesterday we took a trip down to Nashua, New Hampshire to do a bit of shopping at Costco. OK, a lot of shopping at Costco. Last week, after waiting for literally months, we had our new freezer delivered and plugged in the cellar. We had one that we shipped from Oregon, but sadly the people that loaded the truck up used it as a base, and the lid buckled a bit, so we had to replace it. More freezer space == more meat space.

There’s certainly a lot of upsides of living in the boontoolies, but a definite downside is you’re… not close to serious shopping. The drive to Costco is about 75 minutes, so we’ll be doing it monthly at most. (Interesting fact: I noticed on Apple Maps that the far side of the Costco parking lot is the Mass state line. That’s pretty damn south in New Hampshire.) We didn’t just get the normal jumbo sized Costco cart, but the flat bed version for stacking. It was fun, and the girls got their free samples, which was the highlight of the trip for them.

We also stopped by Janey’s Uncommon Cafe for lunch, which is my uncle’s and his wife’s cafe in Derry. It was an unannounced visit, and given that it was about Noon on Sunday, it was stupid busy. He couldn’t make it out of the kitchen to say hi, but those omelettes weren’t going to make themselves for hungry patrons. Next time I’m in area I’ll hit Talia’s, my cousin’s cafe. It’s like a mile or two up the road.

Assuming I have time, tomorrow I’ll upload some photos of Ice Day, which was the highlight of our Sunday morning. Yeah, Ice Day.

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